142 - Legjislacionii | Keshilli Prokurorial i Kosoves
Decision No.236.2018 - Amending point 1 of Decision KPK.Nr.48.2016dt. 12 February 2016 on the Establishment of the Performance Evaluation Commission
Decision No.235.2018 - Is Established the Commission for Transfer and Advancement of State Prosecutors
Decision No.47.2018 - Is approved the Supervisor's Report of the Eight Implementations..
Decision No.46.2018 - Is approved the List of Prosecutors to be evaulated during ..
Decision No.45.2018 - Is approved the KPC Work Plan for 2018
Decision No.36.2018 - Is approved the PEC report for twenty-three (23) prosecutors .._
Decision No.33.2018 - Ts approved the Final report of the first CPE for twelve.
Decision No.06.2018 - Is established the Commission for Reviewing the Referral of the former prosecutor
Decision No.05.2018 - Is approved the Strategy for Communication of Prosecutorial System
Decision No.04.2018 - Is approved the Report of Commission on Supervision of Implementation
Decision No.03.2018 - Is approved the request of Prosecutor Ardita Beqiraj-Hyseni
Decision No.1615.2017 - The Final Report of the Evaluation Committee of the Performance of three Prosecutors is approved
Decision No.1614.2017 - The Report on the activities of the NCCEC July to September 2017 is approved
Decision No.1613.2017 - For the assignment of 7 officials as persons responsible for referral of cases in mediation procedure
Decision No.1610.2017 - The Report of the Electoral Commission of KPC is approved
Decision No.1609.2017 - The Report of the Committee for reviewing the eligibility of civil society candidates for KPC members
Decision No.1606.2017 - Abdurrahim Islami advances as a Prosecutor in SPRK
Decision No.1607.2017 - Afrim Shefkiu advances as a Prosecutor in SPRK
Decision No.1605.2017 - The Commission Report on Advancement of Prosecutors is approved
Decision Nr.1063 2017 - Chairman of KPC Blerim Isufaj is authorized to sign MOU and other agreements with local and international institutions