147 - Legjislacionii | Keshilli Prokurorial i Kosoves
Memorandum of understanding bound between the office of chief state prosecutor, represented by Mr. Ismet kabashi, chief state prosecutor and ngo movement --FOL-- represented by Mr. Ramadan ilazi, executive director
Memorandum of cooperation between State Prosecutor and anti-corruption agency
Memorandum of understanding between Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) and Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) on the transfer of authority, assets and personnel from the Kosovo Judicial Council to the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council
Memorandum of understanding between Ministry of Justice and State Prosecutor for competencies transfer
Between State Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova and the office of the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro
Memorandum of understanding for Cooperation in criminal justice between State Prosecutor of Republic of Kosova and General Prosecution of Republic of Albania
Memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the general Prosecutors Office of the Republic of Kosova and the Office of the attorney general of the Republic of Croatia in combating transnational crime and laundering of the proceed from crime
Memorandum of understanding for partnership between Kosovo Judicial Council and Kosovo Prosecutorial Council related to putting in use information and communication technology (ICT) in courts and prosecution offices
Memorandum of understanding for Cooperation between Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (--KPC--) represented by mr. Ismet Kabashi and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (--BIRN--) represented by Mrs. Jeta Xharra