299 - Legjislacionii | Keshilli Prokurorial i Kosoves
Decision No.255.2020 Request for Departments is approved
Decision No.253.2020 Sebahate Sinani is transferred to DSC in Ferizaj
Decision No.252.2020 Burim Çerkini is transferred to SPRK
Decision No.251.2020 Dren Paca is transferred to SPRK
Decision No.235.2020 Bogdan Špadijer is transferred to BP Mitrovica
Decision No.234.2020 Report of NCCEC is approved
Decision No.233.2020 Annual Work Report of KPC is approved
Decision No. 229.2020 - for Announcement for the Position in BP Ferizaj
Decision No. 230.2020 - for Announcement for 1 Position in DJ Pristina
Decision No. 231.2020 - for Announcement for the Position in SCD Pristina
DECISION No.126.2020 - Retirement of Syle Hoxha
DECISION No.125.2020 - Retirement of Argita Bulatovic
DECISION No.142.2020 - The list of prosecutors to undergo the process of performance evaluation
DECISION No.139.2020 - Report of the Working Group on Supervision of the Unit for Fighting Corruption and Economic Crimes is approved
DECISION No.138.2020 - Report of Performance evaluation is approved
DECISION No.137.2020 - Instruction No.Administrativ Security, Storage, Access and Order in the buildings of the prosecutorial system of the Republic of Kosovo is approved
DECISION No.132.2020 - Re- Announcement for 1 position in Mitrovica
DECISION Nr.44.2020 - Report of the Committee on Transfer and Promotion of State Prosecutors is approved, KPCKTA of the date 10 January 2020
DECISION No.43.2020 - The request of the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Basic Prosecution Office in Gjakova Mr. Ali Uka,
DECISION No.42.2020 - Report of the Committee on Transfer and Promotion of State Prosecutors is approved, KPCCTA of the date 10 January 2020
DECISION No.41.2020 - Regulation nr. 01.2020 for Training and professional development in the Prosecutorial System of Kosovo
DECISION No.1528-2019 Approval of the list for the SPRK
DECISION No.1527-2019 Approval of the list for BP Prishtinë
DECISION No.1526-2019 Performance evaluation of two prosecutors is approved
DECISION No.1525-2019 Mr. Ramiz Buzhala is promoted in the Department for Serious Crimes of Prosecution Office in Gjakova
DECISION No.1524-2019 Requests by Mrs. Shpresa Bakija and Mr. Xhavit Osmani are rejected
DECISION No.1523-2019 For Investigation of Disciplinary Case AD 22-2019
Report April-June 2019 of NCFEC is approved
Evaluation panel-BP Pristina
Evaluation panel SPRK
AD- 19 BP Prishtinë
AD- 18 BP Prishtinë
AD- 17 BP Prishtinë
Transfer of Duško Manitašević
Regulation for Appointment of chief prosecutors
Ad Hoc committee for Feti Tunuzliu
Advancement of Ismet Tofaj
Transfer of Arjana Shajkovci
Ad Hoc commitee for Shpresa Bakija and Xhavit Osmani
Decision on the Announcment of the vacancy for Chief Prosecutor of Special Prosecution of Republic of Kosovo
Decision on the Announcement of the vacancy for Chief Prosecutor of Basic Prosecution in Pristina
DECISION No. 636.2019 Retirement of Xhavit Osmani
DECISION No. 632.2019 Afrim Shefkiu
DECISION No. 268.2019 Request of Ali Selimaj is approved
DECISION No. 265.2019Report of Tracking mecanism is aproved
DECISION No. 262.2019Aplications are removed
DECISION No. 261.2019 working group for Performance Evaluation
DECISION No. 259.2019 regulation 01.2019
DECISION No.129.2019 Rejected request of Faik Halili
DECISION No.128.2019 Rejected request of Abdurrahim Islami
DECISION No.127.2019 Re-announcement for two positions at Appelate Prosecution
DECISION No.126.2019 Annual Work plan is approved
DECISION No.125.2019 PPRU analysis for prosecutors
DECISION No.124.2019 Mehreme Hoxha
DECISION No.123.2019 Ad-hoc committee for Bajram Hamitaga
DECISION No.122.2019 Working group for regulation on mediation
DECISION No.121.2019 Working group for regulation for disciplianry procedures of prosecutors
DECISION No.120.2019 3 heads of departments at BP Pristina
DECISION No.119.2019 Committee for Normative Issues
DECISION No.118.2019 Amended Decision KPK nr. 54 2016
DECISION No. 117.2019 advancment of the prosecutor Sanije Gashi Seferi
DECISION No.116.2019 The committee report for Sanije Gashi Seferi
DECISION No. 60.2019 The list of prosecutors
DECISION No. 59.2019 Mr. Bahri Hyseni is elected chairperson of KPC
DECISION No. 58.2019 The mandate of the Director is Extended