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Arben Ismajli - Member

Arben Ismajli

Born on 07.06.1976 in Gjilan, now residing in the village Ramjan, Municipality of Vitia.

Family status:

Married, and has a child


Graduated Jurist in the Faculty of Law in UP.

Post-diplomic studies / Master Degree in the Penal Law (only thesis has remained to be defended).

Bar Exam

Training for Judges and Prosecutors at KJI, as well as other trainings on different topics.


Since 01.01.2016, Member of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Since 01.11.2015, Prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution in Gjilan, Serious Crimes Prosecution Department.

Since 15.05.2012, decreed by the President of the Republic of Kosova has servef in the position of the Prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution in Gjilan-General Department.

From 01.04.2010 until 14.05.2012 - Legal Associate in the Supreme Court of Kosova.

From 01.12.2007 until 31.03.2010 - Legal Associate in the PMP in Gjilan.

Fom 03.01.2005 until 30.11.2007 - Legal Associate in the Advocacy in Vitia.

From 01.11.2004 until 31.12.2004 - Mediator at Care International Kosova

From 01.11.2003 unti 30.10.2004 - Intern in the Advocacy Office in Vitia,