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Bahri Hyseni - Member

Bahri Hyseni

Date of Birth: 10/06/1969

Place of Birth: Biti e Poshtme, Municipality of Shtërpce
Marital Status: Married
Faculty of Law, University of Prishtina

Bar Exam

Exam for Judges and Prosecutors


Regional Center for Political and Diplomatic Studies, Tirana, Albania.

Master Degree on International Relations and Diplomacy, Prishtina

Soon to obtain the scientific title Doctor of Law Sciences – Criminal Law.


State Prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj

Member of KPC Committee for Normative Acts

September 2011- Current Lecturer in the European Institution for Law and Public Administration Studies

2011- 2014 Lecturer in the College of Gjilan

2-13 - Legal Advisor at Ministry of Justice

Member of Kosova Parliament during the third legislature: 06.12. 2007-07.02. 2011


2008-2011/ President of the Committee for Legislation and Legal Issues

From November of 2008 member of Kosovo Judicial Council

Since 1999, President of the Municipal Assembly in the Provisional Government, Municipality of  Shtërpce

President of the Municipal Assembly Shtërpce

General Director of the Municipal Administration

2002-2005 Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Services

Secretary of the Cabinet for Good Governance

Expert in the Civil Administration Group/Government of Kosova


Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.5, No 19 August, 2014, ISSN 2039-9340, MCSER Publishing, Rome- Italy. Subject: Nature of Certain Criminal Acts against the Property, foreseen by the Kosovo Legislation Overviewed by Material Target.

International Journal of Academic Research and Reflection (IJARR) ISSN 2309-0405, Birmingham United Kingdom. Subject: Corruption and Fraud As Forms of Economic Crime and as an Impediment to Economic Development In Kosovo.

Scientific Magazine “Juridica”, European College. K.D.U.34, Prishtina, 2013. Topic: Criminal Offenses related to Fiscal Evasion in the Customs “Evasion of Liabilities Payment through Fraud”.

Illyria International Review, ISSN 2192-7081, Prishtina, 2011. Subject: The influence of March 2004 events in the resolution of the final status of Kosovo.

Legal Scientific Magazine “Justicia”, Kosovo Judicial Institute, Viti 2012, No. 4, Prishtina. Co-author for the Topic “Market Brands”.


International Conference LUMEN 2014, 10-12 April, 2014 Lasi Romania. Topic: Comparative Aspects of Criminal Legislation for Criminal Offenses in the Field of Economy in Kosovo and some European Countries, Published in the Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 149. 5 September 2014, ISSN 1877-0428.

International Academic Conference in Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s, Prague, Czech Republic. Topic: Nature Of Certain Criminal Acts against the Economy in the area of customs by Kosovo legislation - particular overviewed by material target.

International Scientific Conference: State of Law and Democracy, State University of Tetova, 12.03.2014. Topic: Characteristics of some criminal offenses in the Economic-Financial Specter, according to the material object.

International Scientific Conference “High Education, Massification and its challenges towards European Integration”, 26th until 27th of October, European University of Tirana, 2012. Topic: Development of education in Kosovo and Albania followed with legal infrastructure, comparative aspects, challenges and problems. Published in Educatio 2 Vol. 2, No.2/ June 2013, ISSN 2305-6614.

International Scientific Conference “100 Years of Justice and Doctrine”, 9 May 2013, in Tirana, Albania. Co-author for the Topic: ‘Development of Penal and procedural Legislation Prior and After the Declaration of Kosovo Independence”.

Interstate Conference held on 14th until 16th of October 2013, Hague- Netherlands. Topic: “Violation of Intellectual Property Rights”.


• Reading skills:     English - Good, Serbian – Very Good
• Writing skills:       English - Good, Serbian – Very Good
• Speaking skills:   English - Good, Serbian – Very Good

E-mail: bahri.hzseni@rks-psh.org


Tel: 044-113 544