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Deshirë Jusaj - Member

Deshirë Jusaj

Born in Peja, living in Gjakova

Graduated in the Faculty of Law in Prishtina, in 2000,

She has passed Bar Exam in 2008,

Postgraduate Studies completed-Topic “Scientific Studies of MA Penal Law”

2002-2003, Intern in the KCHA,

2003 - Continuous Legal Education/ KLC Kosovo Legal,

01.03.2004 -July 2010 , Kosovo Labour Inspectorate,

July 2010 - 28.12.2010, Manager at the Labour Inspectorate for Gjakova Region,

From 28.12.2012, State Prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution in Gjakova,

From January 2014, member of Kosovo Prosecutors` Association,

From18.12.2015, member of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council


ILO-IPEC, MLSW – Monitoring Child Labour, Trained for Training of Local Action Teams on Monitoring Child Labour in Kosova, from. 01.07.2004 – 22.09.2006 – 2-year project,

Combating Human Trafficking OSCE, dt.14.12.2007,

Safety at Work, Work, Work Conditions, Health Protection of the Employees and Work Environment MLSW – dt.14.12.2008,

Normative Regulation of the Inspection Overseeing in the Area of Labour, and Fundamental Acts for Safety and Health at Work - January 2012,

NITA Training, held on 18th, 19th, 20th of April 2013, also in 2014,

Criminal Liability of Legal Persons. Date: 11.04.2013,

Case Management; date 10.04.2013,

Introduction to Criminal Procedure Code; date 07.03.2013,

Criminal Procedure and Investigation; date: 02.04.2013,

Newness in the Criminal Procedure in the Republic of Kosova; date: 16.05.2013,

Cyber Crime; date: 21.11.2013,

Reformation of Judicial System; date: 03.10.2013,

Presentation of Protected Witnesses; date: 21.03.2013,

Plea Agreement Negotiations; date: 20.02.2014,

Criminal Procedure against criminal offenders with mental impairments; date: 31.10.2013,

Trial of Adults who have committed criminal offenses against Children; date: 04.02.2014,

Initial and Second Inquiry, and Hearing Session; date: 30.01.2014,

EU Law and its effects in the domestic Law; date: 26.06.2014,

Challenges and best practices in the implementation of SOPs for Domestic Violence,

Representation of Domestic Violence Victims in Criminal Judicial Procedures; date: 26.09.2014,

Evidences Collection by the State Prosecutor during the Investigation; date: 16.10.2014,

Mediation and Restorative Justice; date: 22.10.2014,

Human Trafficking Cases victims` abuses forms; date: 11.11.2014,

Medical Forensics Expertise – Challenges in the Practical Implementation of Legislation; date: 18-21.12.2014,

Hearing Session; date: 07.05.2015,

Protection Standards from Discrimination as per European Legislation for Human Rights; date: 10.06.2015,

Initial and Second Inquiry; date: February 2015,

International Legal Cooperation; date: 23.06.2015,

Victims` Restitution; date: 08.06.2015,

Protection and promotion of diversity, tolerance and equality in the context of legislation on non-discrimination; date: 09.07.2015,

Study Visit in Budapest- ILEA- Environmental Protection Agency; date: 16.11.2015-20.11.2015,

Plea Agreement; date: 26.01.2016,

Tracking, Sequestration and Confiscation of Unlawfully Acquired Assets; date: 24.02.2016,

And numerous previous trainings

Computer: (MS-Word, MS-Excel) Internet - in 2000