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Basic Prosecution of Prizren

Basic Prosecution in Prizren has jurisdiction on criminal prosecution of persons accused for committing criminal offenses, it has jurisdiction over all first instance cases, unless otherwise provided by Law. The named Prosecution is composed of:

General Department

Department for Minors and

Serious Crimes Prosecution Department

Basic Prosecution in Prizren covers the territory of Prizren, Suhareka, Dragash and Mamusha. 

The named Prosecutions is led by the Chief Prosecutor, it has 23 Prosecutors, 1 Legal Associate and 44 employees of the supporting staff.


Xhemajl Qelaj

Phone: 029/242 216

Email: xhemajl.qelaj@rks-psh.org

Administrative Assistant:

Esrar Mormorina

Phone: 029/223 163

Email: esrar.mormorina@rks-psh.org

Address: Basic Prosecution in Prizren,  Street: William Walker  20000  Prizren.