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Performance Advancement in the administration of the prosecutorial system

Prishtina, 1st of June 2017 – Kosovo Prosecutorial Council in cooperation with Academy of Justice have organized training with the topic: “Performance Advancement in the administration of the prosecutorial system”.

The purpose behind this training was increasing awareness of the beneficiaries regarding new management concepts obtained in the spirit of legal amendments and restructuring of the Secretariat of Prosecutorial Council, and which has created a new vision in the process of drafting policies and services providing within the prosecutorial system.

Through Working Groups and discussions were elaborated principles, such as: proactive approach in providing services and, on time, effective and efficient planning, including and discussions regarding proposition of policies for advancement of effective administration of the prosecutorial system. Furthemore, on the focus of the training was and further advancement of performance evaluation system which presents one of the crucial aspects in effective administration of the justice system and which also directly affects accountability and motivation of the staff for providing qualitative services.

Beneficiaries of this training were Heads of Organizational Units of the Secretariat (Departments, Divisions and Offices), and Administrators of Prosecutions.





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