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Normative Acts Committee has discussed regarding the drafting of two Regulations

Prishtina, 21st of February 2017 – Normative Acts Committee has held the next meeting in which were held discussions regarding Draft-Regulation on Classification and Declassification of the Documents in the prosecutorial system of Kosova.

In this meeting, in addition to members of the Normative Acts Committee have also participated international representatives from American Embassy, EULEX, UNDP, as well as Twinning Project; the respective have continuously supported the work of the Normative Acts Committee in particular, as well as the one of the Council in general.

During the discussions there was said that classification of documents in the prosecutorial system of Kosova is very important, in particular when bearing in mind the significance and characteristics of Acts issued by Prosecutors during their work.

Upon the proposition of international representatives there was assessed that in addition to the aforementioned Regulation there is also important drafting of the Regulation on Access to the Documents of the prosecutorial system of Kosova, Consequently, in this meeting was established the Working Group in charge of drafting this Regulation, which shall be treated as priority.