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There was held a round table between Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Kosovo Judicial Council and Academy of Justice

Tirana, 31st of March 2017 – Kosovo Prosecutorial Council with Kosovo Judicial Council and Academy of Justice have held a round table in which were discussed topics of joint interests. This round table was held in Tirana under the organizing of United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

In this round table participants have exchanged their institutional experiences regarding the topics of joint interest, for the purposes of increasing their performance effectiveness and efficiency.

Among the topics tackled in this roundtable were: recruitment, performance evaluation and disciplining of Prosecutors and Judges. There were also discussed topics related to capacities upgrading in judiciary and Prosecutions, newness deriving from the Law on the Academy of Justice, the later approved recently, as well as the issue of expertise and administration of Courts and Prosecutions.

Discussions of this roundtable took place through exchange of mutual experiences between Prosecutorial Council, Judicial Council and Academy of Justice, in which the focus of discussions was also on the challenges emerging in their daily work.

For the purposes of reaching implementation of constitutional and legal mandate through inter-institutional cooperation, at the end of this roundtable were brought joint conclusions regarding all discussed topics.