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Chairman Isufaj has met with partners that are supporting prosecutorial system

Prishtina, 24th of April 2017 – Today, Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), Blerim Isufaj, has held a coordination meeting with all international donors/partners of the prosecutorial system of Kosova.

This coordination meeting was attended by representatives of America Embassy, British Embassy, Dutch Embassy, EU Office, EULEX, UNDP, Twinning Project, GIZ, EULER II Project, WINPRO III Project, PECK II, etc.

At the beginning of his speech before donors, Chairman Isufaj said that the purpose behind this meeting is expanding cooperation and, briefing regarding the achievements, challenges and objectives of prosecutorial system of Kosova. He said that prosecutorial system of Kosova has marked a tangible progress in many areas within its scope, yet there are present many challenges it carries on to face.

At the end of his speech, Chairman Isufaj has appraised the continuous support provided by international partners of the prosecutorial system, whilst he has also presented his stance regarding as best coordination of donations for the purposes of having as bigger and sustainable benefits from the respective.

On the other hand, Director of the KPC Secretariat, Lavdim Krasniqi has presented priorities of the prosecutorial system. He said that advancement of the administration, management and accountability system, as well as advancement of the Prosecutors` disciplining system, Prosecutors` and administrative staff continuous trainings, promoting public trust in the prosecutorial system, increase of local and international cooperation level, and so on and so forth, are some of main priorities of the prosecutorial system.

On the other hand, representatives of partner Institutions following the appraising expressed for the organizing of the meeting have stated their stances regarding the support they are providing for the prosecutorial system, and they have also presented their opinions concerning priorities presented by the representatives of the prosecutorial system of Kosova.

At the end of the meeting, attendees have agreed that for purposes of better coordination of joint activities, meetings of this kind shall be organized more frequently.