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There was held the next meeting of the Committee in charge of Prosecutions` Administration

Prishtina, 23rd of June 2017 -  Today, the Committee for Administration of Prosecutions, has held the first meetings since its establishment by Kosovo Prosecutorial Council in the last meeting of the later (the 135th meeting of KPC).

In this meeting, except the Head of the Committee, Prosecutor Radica Milic and Committee members, have participated and members of the Working Group established by the Committee, and who are representatives of the administrative staff.

Discussions in this meeting were regarding the competencies of the Committee as well as defining the work methodology, which were said have for purpose harmonization and unification of administrative tasks in State Prosecutor.

Discussions were also regarding the embracing of the best performance practices and their application in the prosecutorial system of Kosova.

In this meeting was decided to set the work priorities of the named Committee, and there was also said that there shall take place monitoring of the workload and registration of cases in all Prosecutions of the Republic of Kosova.