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KPC members are staying for an official visit in Italy

Rome/Italy, 4th of July 2017 – Kosovo Prosecutorial Council led by the Chairman Blerim Isufaj and accompanied by Chief State Prosecutor Aleksandër Lumezi, are paying an official visit in the Supreme Judicial Council in Italy. 

The purpose behind this visit is exchanging experiences related to the functioning ways of the Italian Supreme Justice Council. During this visit, there are also taking place meetings with senior representatives of the named Council, and there are being discussed different topics related to appointment, performance evaluation, transfer, promotion and disciplining of Prosecutors.

There is also taking place exchange of experiences regarding the functioning ways of the performance of different Council`s Committees, decision-making and criteria assessment methods applicable for appointments of Presidents of Courts and Chief Prosecutors of Prosecutions.

During their staying in Italy, members of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council will also visit General Prosecution, Supreme Court and a Prosecution of the basic level.

This visit was enabled by the Twinning Project (financed by EU), which is supporting Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.