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The meeting of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council was held today

Pristina, December 26, 2017 - The one hundred and forty fifth meeting of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) was held today and which is the last one for this year, led by the Chairman of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj.

During this meeting, members of the KPC have reviewed and approved the Report of the Oversight Committee on the implementation of the strategic plan and action plan in combating corruption and economic crimes 2016 - 2018 for the period January - September 2017.

The Chairman of the Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj, in front of the members of the Council presented the work plan of KPC for 2018, a plan containing the introductory part describing the mandate and organizational structure of the Prosecutorial Council, with particular emphasis on the vision and his mission. Also, Isufaj said that this plan sets the objectives of the Council for 2018, which are specific measurable and achievable. The plan includes the objectives and activities of the Secretariat of the Council and the Prosecution Performance Evaluation Unit (PPEU), pointing out that the plan concretizes objectives through activities, indicators, responsible bodies and timeframes.

Today, KPC members have reviewed and approved the Communication Strategy of the Kosovo Prosecutorial System, which is a new initiative and effort to improve the quality of communication of the prosecutorial system of the Republic of Kosovo, encouraging participation and information of citizens, and increasing accountability and transparency for public opinion.

Members approved the list of prosecutors to be evaluated during 2018.

Prosecutor Bahri Hyseni, reported today on the implementation of the recommendations of the Prosecutorial Council, as the supervisor of these recommendations. KPC members reviewed and approved the list of candidates proposed for state prosecutors.

The final point of the agenda was the reports of the Performance Evaluation Commission for 12 and 23 state prosecutors.