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"Justice 2020" will put an end the transition to the justice system

Pristina, January 23, 2019 - The transition to the justice system, the advancement of progress and full restoration of citizens' trust in the rule of law were at the focus of today's joint debate on the Justice Agenda 2020, whose board held the first meeting for this year.

On this occasion was expressed the commitment to planning and implementing the concrete measures of the "Justice 2020" agenda, including the successful implementation of the laws recently adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

The  Agenda Board "Justice 2020", composed of the Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri, Chairperson of the Kosovo Judicial Council, Nehat Idrizi, chairperson of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Bahri Hyseni, and with the participation of EULEX Ambassador Alexandra Papadopoulou, chief of the political, economic and European integration at the EU Office, Riccardo Serri, Deputy of the Political and Economic Office at the US Embassy in Pristina, Alison Storsve, set priorities for the first quarter of this year.

Representatives of Kosovo justice institutions have expressed their full commitment to strengthening the rule of law in Kosovo, stressing that the Joint Agenda "Justice 2020" is focused on concrete measures planned and with defined timeframes.

On the other hand, development partners have expressed their full support and support with experts and other resources for this project so that this agenda succeeds.

"Justice 2020" is focused on concrete measures aimed at the rapid improvement of management and efficiency within the justice system, and consequently, there are five topics agreed upon to work intensively in the coming months, and which have been discussed today: the reduction of old cases, the establishment of mechanisms for the disciplinary responsibility of judges and prosecutors within the two councils, the establishment of the Special Department within the Basic Court of Pristina, the increase of the number of notaries based on the notary formula 1 at 10 thousand residents, as well as the proper consolidation of mediators as an integral part of the justice system.