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Chairperson Hyseni presents KPC activities related to the Agenda "Justice 2020"

Pristine, April 17th 2019- The chairman of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council Bahri Hyseni, Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri and Chairman of the Kosovo Judicial Council, Skender Çoçaj, have held the third meeting of the Joint Board of the Agenda "Justice 2020", which was attended also by representatives of international institutions.

In this meeting were addressed a number of important issues for the justice system in Kosovo, where it was discussed about the establishment of some new mechanisms and the functioning of several units in the justice system, as well as discussion of the completion of the legal framework , increasing the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the Kosovo justice system.

The Head of the Prosecutorial Council, Bahri Hyseni, spoke about the activities developed by the KPC, which relate to the Justice 2020 agenda. "The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council has approved the Strategic Plan of the Prosecutorial System 2019-2021, which focuses on improving the efficiency, integrity, accountability and transparency of the prosecutorial system by undertaking specific measures that are detailed in specific objectives and action plan, said Hyseni.

Also, Chairman Hyseni has also spoken about the actions undertaken by KPC for drafting subordinate legal acts related to the implementation of the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges and Prosecutors and the implementation of the Law on Mediation and by summarizing the work done by Kosovo's prosecutorial system to reduce the number of cases in the prosecution offices and the challenges of this system.

In the end, Chairman Hyseni has added the need to draft a separate law that would regulate the necessary expertise procedures for the justice system.