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The good practices for strengthening internal and external communication are discussed

Pristina, July 3 2019-Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) in cooperation with the office of UNDP in Kosovo held a two-day workshop on “Strengthening Internal Communication in the Prosecutorial System, Challenges and Opportunities”, attended by Public Communication Officers of the prosecutorial system, the administrators and the chiefs of the register offices of the prosecutions of the country.

The purpose of this two-day workshop was to address the topics for establishing internal cooperation, in order to strengthen the overall institutional communication, which would be the special function of external communication.

Participants of this workshop discussed the importance of internal communication; it’s functioning for the benefit of external communication and the importance of maintaining institutional integrity, enhancing transparency and increasing credibility.

Consequently, participants identified good practices of internal communication functioning and challenges relating to external communication that they face during their daily work, recommending the application of applicable methods and standards in the prosecutorial system.

Kosovo prosecutorial system is working continuously to strengthen internal and external communication to increase transparency, strengthen cooperation with the media, civil society and citizens, with a view to the realization of the constitutional and legal mission to combat the unlawful occurrences.