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Discussion on building sustainable professional and administrative capacities in the prosecutorial system

Pristina, 3 July 2019 - The Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Bahri Hyseni, with associates, met with representatives of the British team of the Project "Strengthening the Justice System in Kosovo".

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss common organizational and evaluation frameworks, which contributes to the development of the overall system, including the appointment of prosecutors, their performance appraisal, the implementation of oversight programs, the creation of functional working groups and leading groups such as and the advancement of institutional reform, these issues, which are known as real challenges of the prosecutorial sector.

Chairman Hyseni emphasized that the British project is a special contribution and model of partnership and cooperation, which focuses on the main thematic areas, therefore the Prosecutorial Council has created a consolidated strategic and planning approach, but it is required to increase the dynamics of implementation of the objectives, focusing on the main premises of their continuous improvement.

Both sides agreed that partnership should continue as a real commitment to advancing and creating the necessary mechanisms on the road ahead of the prosecutorial system, implementing the agenda of priorities and addressing them real and timely.

At the end of this meeting it was stated that the work of the joint working groups will continue in order to have concrete results for the establishment of sustainable professional and administrative capacities of the prosecutorial system of Kosovo.