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Chairman Hyseni is committed to strengthening the administration of the prosecutorial system

Pristina, 1 October 2019 - The Chairman of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Bahri Hyseni, together with members of the KPC, has held a meeting with the General Director of the Secretariat, the Director of the Prosecution Performance Review Unit and heads of departments of the Secretariat.

During this meeting, a number of issues were raised, which aim to increase the cooperation and internal communication, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the prosecutorial system in general, respectively, in the administration of this system in particular.

Chairman Hyseni focused on the organization and importance of the prosecution system administration, seeking to strengthen its activities in order to increase efficiency at work.

Also, Chairman Hyseni, in addition to providing support to the administration of the prosecutorial system, demanded from all administration employees’ responsibility and discipline, based on legal acts that regulate the aforementioned areas.

In the end, Chairman Hyseni expressed the will of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council for the possibility of finding the legal and procedural basis for the additional payment of 50 Euros for the administration employees.